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Dignitaries visit Clear Creek

Andrew Romanoff: Hosted by DA Bruce Brown

Sen. Mark Udall: Buffalo Bar & Grill

Sen. Michael Bennet:
Two Brothers Deli / One Door Down














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Monthly Meeting
September 11, 2014 @ 6:30
@ Buffalo Bar & Grill


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Gov. John Hickenlooper
Sen. Mark Udall
Sen. Michael Bennet
Rep. Jared Polis
Rep. KC Becker
DA Bruce Brown


































Clear Creek Dem News

The Clear Creek Democrats proudly endorse

Tim Mauck, Commissioner

Rick Albers, Sheriff

Irene Kincade, Treasurer

Greg Markle, Surveyor

John Hickenlooper, Governor

Mark Udall, US Senate

Jared Polis, CD 2

Joe Neguse, Secretary of State

Betsy Markey, Treasurer

Don Quick, Attorney General

KC Becker, HD 13 Representative

Linda Shoemaker, CU Board of Regents

Dems Party! Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

Dan Ebert: Democrat of the Year

Bill Macy prepared a wonderful dinner and then came out of the kitchen to find himself the subject of a friendly, but funny roast.

Democrats crossed party lines to award Mr. Don Allan a Lifetime of Service to Clear Creek County.













Clear Creek Democratic Party
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